the joker

Rashesh Vara

Rashesh is a seasoned global marketer. 
He loves finding method to the chaos and simplifies it into clear understandable trends.
His experiences varies from being a Business Consultant, Brand Manager and in his latest stint he worked as a Global Communications adviser for a brand valued at $40 billion. 
He loves creating brands for businesses, which can become their cash cow and a name that the underlying business can rely on.
His focus is on long term growth and sustainability, and being a futurist he can guide business in right direction enabling them to take advantage of being the first mover. 
He loves to help, mentor and guide people from all walks of life of life to realize and attain their true potential. 
Being said ‘Joker’ planning and being few steps ahead comes to him naturally, so with all that said come and get the dose of adrenaline and get your businesses on the next level.