John Wick

Jignesh Thakkar

Jignesh is a digipreneur and passionate digital marketer.
He is a person doing amazing things in Digital Marketing with a Biotechnology background.
He loves to help brands to grow digitally and to reach their goals strategically.
He is the one who loves to teach digital marketing to newbies & experts and he is very good at that. He is a master of tricks, hacks, and extensions in Digital Marketing.
His experience varies from being a Digital marketer, DM trainer, DM consultant, and currently helping many job seekers.
He thinks that he is born to serve the people and make a better world out there.
When it comes to Social Media, he is mind-blowing. He is an aspiring LinkedIn influencer. 
Being said ‘John Wick’, He is known for his work ethic. His single-minded focus to complete the task at hand, no matter what the cost. Yet he’s also a sweet, polite, thoughtful man; one who keeps his cool. 
He is very serious about his work.